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Poster: HappySwordsman Date: Apr 17, 2012 4:31am
Forum: classic_tv Subject: Hopefully incomplete list of surviving episodes of "Camel News Caravan"

September 4, 1950
Description from Paley Center for Media: "A daily news broadcast of the day's headlines. This day's stories include reports on troop movements in Korea. Highlights include an interview with three wounded American soldiers in a Philadelphia naval hospital who discuss their experiences; film of British and Scottish troops arriving in Korea from Hong Kong; filmed reports of a train wreck in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, and the U.S. tour of the Freedom Bell before it goes to Berlin, and fall fashions are modeled in New York City. Includes commercials."
July 12, 1951
July 31, 1952
September 19, 1952
May 6, 1949
Plus this episode at UCLA film and television archive:
July 7, 1950

A news show sponsored by a tobacco company....but then, you can't honestly say todays newscasts are unbiased, can you?

There are several other television archives, but I don't have the ability to search their holdings apart from the Library of Congress (but their site is not complete. They don't list the footage they hold from DuMont's "Star Time", for example. Some of this footage features Frances Langford!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11111one

Meanwhile, what is this "Pantomime quiz. [1950, Unidentified issue. March of Dimes special]" thing I see listed at the UCLA film and television archive?

March of Dimes *and* Pantomime Quiz?....could be historically interesting!

But I doubt anyone on here has a copy to upload....

I've been awake for 24 hours, and as such I am having trouble sticking to the one subject.

I should probably go to sleep.

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